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  • web design

    At Digital Ink Studios, we build websites that are a combination of cutting-edge design and technology. Quality web design is a careful balance of the two.

    We craft your custom website to strengthen your brand and focus on your goals. We believe that your website should be tailored to meet your needs. Of course we always design with SEO in mind. And if you know what you want to say, but aren't sure how to say it, we also offer professional copywriting services to deliver your message in the most effective manner.

    Don't simply build an online billboard, build a website that can grow your business.

  • custom programming

    At Digital Ink Studios, we specialize in custom web solutions that are both secure and fully scalable. Remote Access, Database Systems, custom Content Management, we can provide a flexible and cost effective solution.

    Global Communication. Instant accessibility. It's not the way of the future. It's the here and now! Let us help you manage it to your best advantage.

  • web design options

    Content Management Systems, Flash, Forums, Client Portals, Image Galleries, Video Players, Web Applications and more…

  • graphic design

    The main elements of Graphic Design are illustration, text, geometry and color. Good design combines these elements in a harmonious blend. It's not an accident. It's not a science. It's an art.

    The power of today's computers and the ease of use of modern software gives everyone the ability to become a 'Graphic Designer'. You've undoubtedly seen the results. Flyers delivered daily to your door that look strangely similar to the school newsletter that your kids bring home. Is that the message you intend to send?

    It's not just about selling your products or services, it's about promting your brand. It's common knowledge that peolpe will pay a premium for the right label. Brand recognition is just as important as the product itself.

    At Digital Ink Studios, we can help you to create a brand identity across the full range of your design needs. A professional, carefully planned and unified identity adds power to the product or service you are marketing.

    Equally improtant of course is the message. The power of the written word. To assist you in crafting that message, we also offer professional copywriting services.

    Logos, brochures, catalogues, whatever the need, our design team is simply the best.

  • search engine optimization (seo)

    Search Engine Optimization begins with your website's design. Although there is no 'magic formula' for SEO, the very way that the site is constructed can add to your chances of being found. Of course if you already have an existing site, a thorough analysis will determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

    We can advise you on the best options available to maximize your budget if you chose to use pay advertising on any of the major search engines. The best results are usually returned by using a combined approach.

    Being easily found is the best way to expand your business. Contact us today.

  • photography

    "Image is everything". So are the images that you use. They are the way in which you present your business or product to the world. If they're second rate, that's exactly how you appear to your potential customers. In today's point and shoot world, anyone can take an adequate picture. If your goal is to be a success, adequate just isn't good enough.

    At Digital Ink Studios, we don't just take pictures. We view the world through a lens. If it's too cold or too warm, we're sensing the temperature of the light, not the air. And when it's finally time to turn out the lights and close the door, that means that we're hard at work in the darkroom.

    When you need the right picture, picture us.


    What is Digital Imaging? It generally begins with high resolution scanning and results in an image that may either be enhanced, or completely altered from the original. Even the best of photographers are limited to capturing images in real time. Digital Imaging transcends those limitations.

    Digital Imaging really begins with imagination and ends in making that vision appear to be reality. To achieve this goal, it takes careful attention to lighting, detail and color. Anyone can cut and paste. At Digital Ink Studios, we have the experience and expertise to seamlessly blend images into a final composition that defies reality

    If you have a vision that needs to be seen, let us show you the way.


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